Version: 1.0
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Escape is a script that displays lines in your scrollback in escaped form, so you can copy and paste them including colors and special characters.


 Do /escape (or /esc) just like you would use /lastlog
 this then prints the lines, which you can use in /eval.
 see /help lastlog for options
For example:
  Hey! join #fooX (where X is some char you can't copy-paste)
 then you do /esc #foo
 and you'll get something like 19:50 \x048/<\x04g \x04gsomeone\x04g\x048/>\x04g \x04ehey! join #foo\x12
 ignore the stuff in the first part of the message, that's irssi's internal color format for the line printed.
 doing /eval join #foo\x12 will make you join the right channel
 /esc -clear makes your scrollback clean again