This is the temporary home page kinda thingie for Kirssi.

What is Kirssi

Kirssi is a KDE/QT interface for Irssi still under initial development. Its killer feature is that it can connect to a running irssi somewhere else. In fact, that's the only mode it works in at the moment.
It's not ready to be really used, but the base is there, you can chat with it. It consists of 2 parts

  • uiproxy: an irssi module (written in C + glib). Of course it's written with kirssi in mind, but it could also be used to attach another UI
  • kirssi: the kde app connecting to the irssi (in C++ with Qt and KDE stuff)

The 2 parts communicate over a socket, with XML messages. That might change later if it matters a lot for performance, but was the easiest to write. A version directly linked to Irssi will follow too.

How do I get and compile and install this

It's maintained in a subversion repository, to get it do:

svn co kirssi
svn co uiproxy

To compile the uiproxy module, you'll need the irssi source code (or at least the headers), for how to download that, see the Irssi download page. I only test it with current Irssi CVS, but it should work fine with 0.8.9, and probably even 0.8.6 (or newer).
Change the IRSSI= line in the Makefile of uiproxy to where you put the irssi source (yes, some day this will change to some nicer way), and do make
In your irssi do /load /path/to/uiproxy/libuiproxy

Next, compile the Kirssi source:
make -f Makefile.cvs

And it would be nice to do a make install too, but that is not necessary yet.
It assumes that the irssi is running on the same box, and that you didn't change the uiproxy_port setting (it connects on localhost port 1898)
Oh, and it doesn't have any password thingie yet, so you really don't want to run this without firewalling that port ;)


The only reason I put up this page is because I hope to get a little feedback (from developers, not users), and maybe some help :-)
If you have any suggestions you can contact me on IRC (EFNet/IRCNet/freenode/Undernet/kotnet/...) or mail me.
What would be most welcome is:

  • Someone with the time, motivation and skills to do some coding on this (mostly for the Qt/KDE part, you don't need to look at any C/GLib stuff for that ;)
  • Help with integrating the Qt event loop with the irssi event loop (basicly the GLib one with a minor change)
  • Suggestions for the name. "uiproxy" and "Kirssi" might still change. I mainly feel bad about "Kirssi" because there will also come a pure Qt version ("Qirssi"?) built from the same source (without the KDE integration of course)