Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems. You can read more about irssi on the irssi site or you can have a little taste of it's superiority by looking at a list of some its cool features.

Here you can find a few scripts I've written for it, and a few other possibly useful things.


name version description
trigger.pl1.0execute a command or replace text, triggered by an event in irssi
nicklist.pl0.4.6draws a nicklist to another terminal, or at the right of your irssi in the same terminal
rtrim.pl0.2removes whitespace at the end of every line you type
special_complete.pl1.1(tab)complete irssi special variables (words that start with $) by evaluating them
grep.pl2.1/GREP [-i] [-w] [-v] [-F] <perl-regexp> <command to run>
showmode.pl0.3show modes in parts, quits, kicks, topic changes or actions, like show_nickmode does for public messages
printlevels.pl1.1prints the message level before every line. useful for debugging your level settings
proxy_backlog.pl0.0.0sends backlog from irssi to clients connecting to irssiproxy
compact.pl0.0.0combines multiple lines from same person into one
mouse.pl1.0.0control irssi using mouse clicks and gestures
escape.pl1.0displays lines in your scrollback in escaped form, so you can copy and paste them including colors and special characters
window_switcher.pl1.0makes switching windows easy
history_search.pl2.0Search within your typed history as you type (like ctrl-R in bash)
per_window_prompt.pl1.0Keeps a prompt per window

Note: the old replace script has been replaced by trigger